The Ultra Smart Bed Bug Detector: Prevention At The Earliest

Detecting bed bugs can be quite challenging. When welts start appearing on skin and itchiness sets in, checking for these pesky pests can be difficult as they can easily hide in the teeniest of cracks and crevices. They can stay immobile during daytime and create havoc to a household at night. Usually found in beddings and mattresses, some bed bugs can also make way to your living room furniture and laundry area as well as dining area to feed and feast on your blood. With this, experts have finally found a way to create a reliable bed bug detector that prevents them from infesting places and furniture where you and the family usually rest.

Luckily, industry leader BEAPCo (Bug Elimination And Prevention Company) has found a way to detect them before they can infest your furniture. Here’s a quick look on why a bed bug detector is a must-have in homes during dry arid months..

BEAPCo Bed Bug Detector


When suspecting a bed bug infestation or preventing such from happening in your home, this 4-pack bed bug detector comes handy. The BEAPCo detector bed bug trap is uniquely designed like a coaster and is one of the most exciting products in the market today. Proven effective by leading pest control experts and homeowners, it is easiest to use and quite efficient in easily detecting if bed bugs came from outside or had already settled in your home.

Made from durable plastic, these coaster type traps are engineered to catch and confine bed bugs before they reach your bed. This makes it a great early detection system to prevent worse-case infestation scenario in a home. During actual infestation, these traps are also efficient tools in monitoring the effectiveness of costly spray treatments. For an apartment tenant, this system makes a good evidence for claiming expenses paid for pest control treatment later on.

The bed bug detector is uniquely designed to lure the bugs in without a chance of letting them out. Its textured outer walls make it easy for them to climb up the trap. But with the pitfall design and smooth inner walls keep them trapped to the detector and prevent them from further escaping.

Detector Bed Bug Coaster Trap
Made with separate compartments, this eases your way from confirming where the bugs are hiding or coming from. If it is found on the outer compartment, bed bugs are still trying to infest your bed. Check drywall, floorboards and other crevices or cracks. If it is found on the inner compartment, watch out! Bed bugs are already on your bed and probably feasting on your blood without you knowing.

The Detector Furniture Coaster is so easy to use. Simply use under bed posts, tables, chairs, sofas, loungers, recliners and other furniture legs. With its neutral color, it can easily blend into any home décor while effectively monitoring effectiveness of pest control treatment or preventing such pesky pests from invading your resting places.

Detector Bed Bug Coaster Trap
As gathered from actual homeowners who have used the BEAP Bed Bug Detector, sound reviews noted that:

  • This makes excellent evidence to show a landlord when reporting an infestation.
  • It does not easily crack no matter how heavy a bed.
  • It is effective in trapping these pesky bugs off your sheets.
Check out more reviews from Amazon to know the experiences of actual users. This truly makes a practical purchase during summer and dry arid months when most bed bugs usually look a way to infest homes.


Even if you do not have any bed bugs yet in your home but have known a neighbor or two to have them, it is important to be prepared. Bed bugs can be easily transferred from person to person, pet to pet, or home to home. Having one installed in your beds, sofas or living room chairs, and other furniture where family members and visitors usually sit or lie down will help prevent infestation. Prevention is always better than cure. So, before they get to you, make sure you have this 4-pack bed bug detector handy.

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