Steer Clear of Diseases by Finding the Right Mosquito Net

With all the diseases being transmitted by mosquitoes, finding a way to protect oneself would take more than a splotch of deet-free lotion. Mosquitoes and its various species are known to transmit life threatening diseases like malaria, dengue fever, encephalitis, yellow fever, heartworm, chikungunya, and West Nile Virus. Considered to be the #1 killer in various regions across the globe, it is imperative to have a mosquito net handy to keep them at bay.

So, if you have plans to travel or go on a humanitarian mission, or simply planning to go camping to bond with the whole family, finding the right type of mosquito net to take along should not be taken for granted. To start-off, let’s scrutinize three of the most affordable yet highly durable mosquito nets on Amazon’s bestsellers’ list.


Coghlans Mosquito Net Single,
White (32”x 78” x 59”)


Emergency Zone Canopy Mosquito Net


USGI Military Mosquito Net Bar

Before we get to scrutinize each of these mosquito nets, it is important to know the different types of mosquito nets. This is one way for you to be aware why certain designs are made that way. By knowing precisely where it will be used, finding the right mosquito net is indeed a breeze.

Box mosquito nets are usually rectangular in shape suited to fit in a bed. It makes use of a suspension system or a frame for it to hang onto. Spacious and comfortable, this type allows good air circulation. Bell or canopy mosquito nets are usually shaped like a bell depending mainly on a single round-like suspension point, spreads out to cover a bed or cot or a certain space. This type is easy to erect and can enclose larger space for an airy and cooler feel. It is very versatile and can be used for both temporary and permanent locations. Some homes even use this as an accent to their bedroom décor. Stand-Alone mosquito nets, on the other hand, can be easily installed. No need for frames and other complicated suspension systems to use it. Simply tie it with a nylon, straw thread or string, and it can easily keep the irritating buzzing away. This makes it a great option for those going on a mission or camping.

These are the three main types of mosquito nets. Each of these designs is meant to be used for specific circumstances. Now, let’s see what the bestsellers are up to..

Coghlans Mosquito Net Single, White (32”x 78” x 59”)

We have prepared three amazing options for you—and each bearing a different price tag. The first one on the list is the Coghlans Single Mosquito Net, the least expensive. Though affordably cheap, this net comes with awesome features.

Cut in a rectangular shape, it can fit at least two sleeping bags or cots. Made from 180 mesh polyester with 6 reinforced tie tabs, it can easily be erected using a pole or using ropes. It can be washed by hands or by machine. This makes it a great companion for outdoor camping, scouting jamboree, or any outdoor escapade. Like all other products from Coghlan, this single mosquito net comes with a limited warranty for any defects in workmanship and materials for one year from the date of purchase.

Affordable yet durable and convenient, no wonder this mosquito net is a bestseller. As for reviews, most people who have used it are more than satisfied with its functionality. You can check out actual customer reviews for yourself.

Once you get the drift, you can go ahead and order one for a friend or for yourself.

If you are looking for something aesthetically appealing, this next one might just be for you.

Emergency Zone Canopy Mosquito Net

The Emergency Zone Canopy mosquito net may cost quite a bit more but definitely, for the good reasons.

It is definitely bigger in terms of space covered as it can hold up to two sleeping people at a time. This makes it great for traveling couples, siblings, and best friends as it helps protect them from mosquito-transmitted diseases. It conveniently folds over camp cot as well as double size mattresses. When not in use, it can be folded and stored in a lightweight nylon bag which also makes it easy to carry around.

According to reviews, this mosquito net is not just great for traveling but is also stylish yet durable. It may cost a little bit more but definitely, it can accommodate two persons. The lightweight nylon bag also makes it easy to transport no matter how you travel. You can check out actual customer reviews here if you want.

Be reminded though that the Emergency Zone Canopy mosquito net often goes out of stock. Make sure to grab one from Amazon right away while it’s still in stock and enjoy huge discounts.

And now for the last mosquito net but definitely not the least in terms of quality..

USGI Military Mosquito Net Bar

The last of the loot but definitely not the least in terms of quality, the USGI Military mosquito net bar is designed to be used anywhere. When we say “anywhere”, we mean with or without a cot, and with or without any frame or net bar. Genuine US made, it is designed to withstand the rigors of military activities.

One of the most amazing features of the USGI mosquito net is in its pitching versatility. It has ready nylons which can be pitched anywhere, even inside a pup tent. When used on a cot or drop-down futon, simply tuck it underneath the mattress to keep out not just mosquitoes but also midges, ants, no-see-ums, and other insects.

Though it is relatively pricier than the other 2 options, it is reasonably priced considering its unique features. Definitely, this is a good buy considering the awesome reviews given by actual users. Feel free to check all the details in the review section to satisfy your curiosity and make an informed decision.

To top off the USGI Military mosquito net’s features is its mildew-resistant fabric that makes it a great companion either for indoor or outdoor activities. So, what are you waiting for? Buy one from Amazon and get your gear on for that tropical getaway or that jaunt in the great outdoors.

The Verdict

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With all the life threatening illnesses that these pesky mosquitoes bring, getting yourself and your loved ones protected with a sturdy mosquito net is a wise move. With any of these bestselling options above, you can finally keep irritating and debilitating insects at bay. Don’t wait for any mosquito-transmitted disease to give you a lesson. Protect yourself and your family now! Prevention, as they say, is always better than cure!

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