Top Picks For Natural Rodent Repellent To Get Rid Of Rodents Safely and Effectively

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Let’s face it, no one wants mice and rats around their home. These pests not only are a nuisance, they cause severe damage to a home’s insulation and overall structure. Notwithstanding the fact that they can bring in a hodgepodge of health threats to the household, they are also known to cause fire hazards as they gnaw on electric wires. With this finding a way to repel them is only likely. But how can you do that with minimal effort and without using poison? Simple—use natural rodent repellent sold commercially and on-the-ready!

Convenience, effectiveness and effortlessness are three important factors that must be considered when choosing an all-natural rodent repellent. To give you a heads-up, here are two highly recommended brands in the market noted for their efficiency and ease-of-use. If you are looking for a safe and convenient way to get rid of such pesky pests, one of these natural solutions might work just for you.

Fresh Cab Botanical Plant-Based Balsam Fir Oil Rodent Repellent, 16 PouchesFir-Oil-Rodent-Repellent
• 16 pouches in all
• EPA-certified safe
• non-toxic to humans, pets and environment
• active ingredient: 20% Balsam Fir Oil
• can also freshen air
• money-back guarantee
• used in RVs, garage, storage units, garden sheds, boats, etc.
Nature's MACE Rodent Repellent-5lb Shaker GranularNature's-MACE-Rodent-Repellent
• 100% organic
• 100% biodegradable
• eco, human and pet-friendly
• year-long protection
• industrial-strength
• for indoor and outdoor use
• contains zero chemical or poison
• refreshes air

Now, let’s take a long look at the two top picks for natural rodent repellent

1. Fresh Cab Botanical Plant-Based Balsam Fir Oil Rodent Repellent

Topping the list is the EPA-certified Fresh Cab All Natural Rodent Repellent. A natural product made from a meticulous blend of plant fiber and oils, it emits a strong smell that will certainly jolt the rodents’ sense of smell but without harming humans or pets. It emits the natural smell of fir trees refreshing the whole area where it’s placed.

The Fresh Cab All Natural Rodent Repellent contains 4 pouches per pack. Each ready-to-use pouch covers 125 square feet and can last up to 3 months in an enclosed area and 1 month in an open area. This is proven safe for use in basements, pantry, storage units, garage, cabin, boats, RV and many more.

Tried and tested for its effectiveness, feedbacks from actual users have always come in the affirmative for this natural rodent repellent. You may check out reviews from Amazon verified users and if satisfied, feel free to add it to your cart. Stocks are running out; hurry!

Now for another natural rodent repellent top pick…

2. Nature's MACE Rodent Repellent

Another great option to repel rodents the natural way is Nature’s MACE Rodent Repellent. This 100% organic repellent does not only ward off rodents, it also keeps raccoons, squirrels and opossums at bay. Its uniquely safe and effective technology makes use of irritant smell that gives a strong sensation to pests while leaving a pleasant sensation to humans and pets.

What makes this product truly effective and budget-friendly is its rain-resistant industrial-strength formula. This means, simply place Nature’s MACE Rodent Repellent in desired areas and it will last year-round preventing intrusion of rodents, squirrels, raccoons, and opossums. It is even safe to place on flower beds and garden plots!

No wonder feedbacks from various users have always leaned on the affirmative and reviews on Amazon are going great, too. If you feel like ordering one for your home now, simply click HERE and get rid of such pesky pests right away!

The Verdict

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You see, there are several ways to repel rodents from your home and it does not have to be marked with a skull and labeled with poison. These two ready-made solutions: Nature's MACE Rodent Repellent and Fresh Cab Botanical Plant-Based Balsam Fir Oil Rodent Repellent – are considered the top natural rodent repellent options in the market today. Safe and effective, they can be ordered from Amazon for your convenience. If you wish to enjoy discounts, order now!

Choosing the Best Rat Trap Bait For a Worry-Free Home

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From food to paper, clothes, linens, sofas, plastic wares, and even electric wires, rats horribly gnaw on anything that catches their fancy. This makes them such a pest that homeowners often spend thousands on removal services. But do you know that by simply setting a trap, you can actually get rid of rodents from your abode? However, for rat traps to be more effective, it will need an equally efficient and mouth-watering (to the rodents) bait—and this is where finding the best rat trap bait project comes in.

Rat trap baits lure rodents to the trap leading to their bludgeoning. Some households make use of DIY baits. However, it will not only take time and effort but also some ingenuity as well. By simply looking for readily available rodenticide in the market, you can finally say goodbye to such pesky creatures invading your private space.

To give you a kick-start, here are two of the most highly recommended rat trap baits for you to compare and consider.

Tomcat All Weather Bait Chunx, 4 LbTomcat-All-Weather-Bait-Chunx
• contains Bromadiolone and Diphacinone
• tougher than your pet cat in mouse control
• manufactured with human food-grade ingredients
• available in 4 or 9 pounds
JT Eaton 709-PN Bait Block Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait, Peanut Butter Flavor, For Mice and Rats (Pail of 72)JT-Eaton-Bait-Block-Peanut-Butter-Flavor-Rodenticide
• anticoagulant bait
• peanut butter flavor
• active ingredient: Diphacinone
• comes in 72-pack 2-ounce rat trap bait blocks
• 1 year limited warranty

Now, let’s dig into the details of the best rat trap bait options…

1. Tomcat All Weather Bait Chunx

If there is one rat trap bait that’s way tougher than your barnyard cat, this is it. The Tomcat All Weather Bait Chunx is a great product that helps control mice and rat infestation successfully and with minimal effort at that. Though the product is manufactured with food-grade ingredients, it also contains the active ingredients bromadiolone and diphacinone which make it swifter and more convenient to annihilate rats thriving in your home. It also makes the bait truly appetizing to rodents.

An affordable option, this Tomcat Bait Chunx option is one of the best rat trap bait options available in the market today. Feedbacks from households have shown mostly positive results. You may check out reviews on Amazon and if satisfied, order a 4-pound or a 9-pound depending on your home’s needs.

Now, for some peanut butter flavored rat trap bait…

2. JT Eaton Bait Block Peanut Butter Flavor Rodenticide

Rodents cannot resist peanut butter and this product is specifically designed to have that. The JT Eaton Bait Block is a rodenticide with specially formulated peanut butter flavor. A first-generation anti-coagulant rat trap bait, its composition comes with the active ingredients of diphacinone that can easily eliminate rodents and pests.

Each pail of the JT Eaton Bait Block comes with 72 packs of 2-ounce rodenticide blocks. The pail is tamper-resistant and re-sealable making it a perfect option for one who wants to show no mercy to rodents. The small packets can be easily stowed on rat traps especially in areas where hard-to-reach spaces are evident like garage and basements.

Reviews on Amazon for the product are truly astounding. Some call it the “caviar” of rodents making it stand up to its own brand of excellence. So, if you want to create a rat-free home, this one will make a great purchase from Amazon. Simply add one to your cart and enjoy huge discounts—and free shipping, too.

The Verdict

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There is nothing that you won’t do when it comes to the nitty-gritty of getting rid of rats. But your rat trap can only do so much. You need to lure out those rodents for it to be effective. When it comes to the best rat trap bait, many households strongly back the potency of both the JT Eaton Bait Block Peanut Butter Flavor Rodenticide and the Tomcat All Weather Bait Chunx. This only means that whichever you choose, it is bound to succeed in getting rid of rodents. Do make sure to order from Amazon to enjoy discounts.

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3 Best Rat Trap Options: Which Will Suit Your Needs?

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In line with termites, roaches, and bed bugs is the horrifying infestation of rodents. Rats and mice can transmit diseases. Apart from their destructive feeding habits, their idea of nesting can also put homes in a horrendous and ghastly situation when not addressed immediately. This is precisely the very reason why many homeowners are on the lookout for the best rat trap.

Rats chomp on anything, everything that come their path. From plastic to wood, cotton to silk, paper to cardboards, rats gnaw, bite, and nibble with one clear intent—to instill damage. Catching them however, can be a challenging ordeal. Rats are known to have super-sensitive senses and are quite secretive. Once an infestation is confirmed though, setting up rat traps in their path can be done.

To jumpstart your efforts, here are the best rat traps in the market today.

Intruder 16525 The Better Rodentrap
• durable body
• stainless steel spring
• 30% added strength
• no mess, no odor
• reusable, washable
• can trap chipmunks
JT Eaton 111-00PRE6 Stick-Em Pre-Baited Rat/Mouse Size Peanut Butter Scented Double Glue Trap Tray, 10” Length x 5” Width x ¾” Height, White (Case of 6)Pre-Baited-Rat-Trap
• pre-baited
• non-toxic and hypoallergenic peanut butter scent
• Stick-Em super foamy glue
• heavier to prevent lifting
• comes in 6 per pack
Victor Rat Traps M326 (9Traps) VST010Victor-Rat-Traps-M326
• eco-friendly
• proven effective for years
• pre-baited with plastic cheese-scented pedal
• comes in 9 per pack
• easy to set-up
• snap trap variety

Now, let’s get up-close with each and every best rat trap in the market today…

1. Intruder 16525 The Better Rodentrap

When it comes to efficiency and quick-death, the Intruder 16525 The Better Rodentrap has always delivered results. Meticulously made with stainless steel highly durable spring fully equipped with upper jaw teeth, any rodent walking its path does not stand any chance of escape. Unlike other traps that easily give in to the wiggle-waggle of rodents, this one has a 30 percent added strength that holds on rodent tighter slowly leading to their eventual death.

Made meticulously from ultra-tough non-absorbent plastic, Intruder’s The Better Rodentrap kills by way of suffocating rodents without breaking into their skin. This could mean no bloody mess or unusual icky odors usually associated with other rat traps. Simply pinch to set. Squeeze it to eject the trapped dead rodent. Wash, rinse and reuse.

The Better Rodentrap can be reused over and over again—and can also be used for trapping gophers and chipmunks. No wonder many homes hanging on a tight budget prefer this one. Feel free to check out REVIEWS on Amazon for more information—and if satisfied, click on the link to buy from Amazon for your own home, garden, backyard, lawn, attic and basement.

For those who prefer glue as the best rat trap…

2. JT Eaton Stick-Em Pre-Baited Rat Trap

Many homeowners prefer glue-trapping rodents particularly in instances where they are still newly bred—and this is where JT Eaton Stick-Em Pre-Baited Rat Trap comes highly recommended. This peanut butter scented glue trap is equipped with efficient and highly resistant adhesive allowing it to work in a variety of temperature as well as in hard-to-reach areas where rats and mice usually hide.

Using non-toxic to humans and pets hypoallergenic peanut butter scent, the JT Eaton Stick-Em pre-baited rat trap, features Stick-Em non-drying and non-flowing glue that simply retains its hold and foaming quality that traps rats and leave them there. Each glue rat trap comes with bait thus, you do not have to handle all that mess and toxicity. To resist gnawing, this rat trap comes with a 50% thicker plastic as well as at most 30% heavier preventing escape for larger or more aggressive rodents.

With 6 in each pack, you can easily cover areas where rats and mice usually frequent. Reviews from actual customers reveal that the thing they love the most about the JT Eaton Stick-Em Pre-Baited Rat Trap is its convenient design and its efficiency. Feel free to check out Amazon reviews for further information on the product’s efficiency and reliability. If interested, you can order directly from Amazon to enjoy discounts and 1 year limited warranty.

Now, for a more traditional rat trap…

3. Victor Rat Traps M326 (9-Pack)

Coming from the century-old brand, Victor, this traditional rat trap is one known for its effectiveness in luring out and trumping down rodents. Made from Forest Stewardship Council certified forests wood, this one has been used by millions of homes across the globe for its responsible stewardship in preserving forests. Proven effective, it is also tagged safest for household use.

Pre-baited with plastic cheese pedal artificially scented with cheese-like scent, the Victor Easy Set Mouse Trap draws rodents in to it and with just the slightest movement, it ensnares rodents in a lightning-quick manner leaving it with no means to escape.

Eco-friendly, non-toxic and effective, each pack comes with 9 Victor Easy Set Mouse Traps making it a budget-friendly choice. No wonder, it is one of the most bestselling rat traps in the market today. Feel free to check for yourself by reading the awesome reviews on Amazon. If this is just what you were looking out for to make your home rat-free, you can also order from Amazon and start annihilating those pesky creatures wrecking havoc in your home or your yard.

The Verdict

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Indeed, trapping rodents instead of poisoning them is much safer with children, pets and the whole household. Apart from non-toxicity, it also provides quick immediate results. Locating dead rodents via these traps can also be an easy way to dispose them thereby, preventing any malodorous state lowering indoor air quality of your home. Whether you choose one that leaves no mess like the Intruder 16525 The Better Rodentrap or the easy-to-dispose JT Eaton Stick-Em Pre-Baited Rat Trap or perhaps, the century-old trusted brand Victor Easy Set Mouse Trap – bear in mind that no amount of trapping rats will preserve your home’s “health” without you working on its overall cleanliness. Rats often thrive on crumbs or food waste. Clean, de-clutter and dispose of waste carefully to prevent them from thriving. If not, you might have to choose the best rat trap to catch these pesky pests again and again.

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