How You Can Keep Your Family Safe From Roach Allergies

Having been around for hundreds of millions of years, cockroaches are insects that infest countless homes and its unsuspecting dwellers bringing with them a plethora of disease-causing microorganisms. Aside from harmful bacteria, its “frass” or droppings can trigger debilitating allergic ailments such as asthma and allergic rhinitis. Similar to dust mites, the allergens from roaches can be easily transmitted to the air. These airborne particles permeate the eyes, nose and lungs mucous membranes resulting into life threatening roach allergies when left unaddressed for a long time.

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Treatment of cockroach allergy comes in three-folds. Doctors often, prescribe medication in accordance to the symptoms it manifest. Some health professionals also recommend allergen immunotherapy in lieu of synthetic medications. However, the best recourse in dealing with roach allergies lies in prevention. Here, we will discuss thoroughly how to completely remove these pesky creatures' presence in your home environment.

1. Find Their Hideout

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Cockroach breed in all seasons but are particularly active during warm summer months. They are prolifically found in both indoor and outdoor environment. However, they tend to multiply in households where there is abundance of food scraps and dirt for them to thrive upon. Basically, most of these are dependent on humans to survive. Cockroaches usually can be found in the bathroom and kitchen but can also be found in living rooms and bedrooms.

2. Start Clean-Up from the Outside

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Cockroaches normally come from the outside. To prevent them from infesting your home, here are ways how:

  • Make sure to bug-proof your home by sealing gaps on doors, windows and utility lines entering the home.
  • Keep door and window screens sealed at all times.
  • Screen, if not seal thoroughly, sewer vents and drainage lines leading to your home.
  • Create a barrier where they can hide by keeping mulch, trees and shrubs at least 1 to 2 feet away from walls.
  • If you use firewood, stack those away from the house.
  • Steer clear of thick, dead vegetation.

3. Now, To the Inside

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Roaches thrive in various areas in your home where food, water and dark spaces are rampant. Here are great ways to get rid of the primary cause of roach allergies:


  • Keep kitchen trash bin closed and regularly emptied and cleaned.
  • Make sure kitchen baseboards, top/underneath of the fridge and stove area are crumb and moisture free.
  • Sink must be regularly cleaned and leaks must be immediately repaired.
  • To keep bugs like roaches and ants out, store and keep all foods in containers with airtight lids.
  • Keep drawers, cabinets, and shelves properly lined. Damage must also be repaired immediately.


  • Trash bin must be tightly closed and emptied/cleaned regularly.
  • Regularly check for leaks and condensation around sink, tub and toilet bowl.
  • Any sign of cracks must be sealed appropriately.
  • Wet towels, toothbrushes, sponges and other damp items must be kept out of cabinets at all times.
Living Room

  • Regularly check television sets and electronic racks.
  • Family members sometimes bring snacks while watching television. Do check sofas and chairs.
  • If you have a fireplace, make sure to check wood before bringing it into the pit.

  • Midnight snacking is sometimes inevitable. Check bed and floor for crumbs by regular sweeping or vacuuming.
  • Keep books and other paper material away. Roaches love gnawing on them.

4. Some Important Precautions

Roaches can easily reproduce. A single cockroach now can burgeon into ten or more in just a few days. To keep them away at all times, here are some general tips:

  • Starve them by keeping food in airtight containers.
  • Rinse food and beverage containers immediately.
  • Keep sink free from dirty dishes and utensils.
  • Keep surfaces free from crumbs and other residues.
  • Sweep or vacuum floors at least thrice a week to remove any food particles.
  • Keep openings and cracks sealed with silicone caulking.


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When it comes to roaches allergies, prevention is always better than cure. By keeping your home and surroundings dirt-free, you can ultimately keep them at bay. Some homeowners make use of natural powder like Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth to keep these pests away. Starting from their garden straight to their interior, keeping roaches and other insects away will keep everyone in the family safe from roach allergy.

A Natural Roach Killer That Really Works Wonders!

Roaches spread germs and diseases. And that is not counting how disgusting they look. And of course, some people (especially children) will jump at the mere sight of them – leaving you to take care of them. And while they are unhygienic and one of the leading causes for spread of germs and diseases from the kitchen – they are extremely difficult to get rid of! A full blown roach infestation is almost impossible to tackle without the use of some bait or killer of some sort. And today we are talking about the best natural roach killer you can get.

Harris Roach Tablets 4 oz

Now we’ve established that a roach killer of some sort is essential. But just because you need a roach killer does not mean that it needs to be a synthetic and toxic one. After all, in getting rid of one evil, you don’t want to expose yourself and your family to another even bigger hazard  – unhealthy toxins!

So instead go for this organic and natural option that is safe for you and unsafe for the bugs!

Safe for you, unsafe for roaches

The ingredient in these that actually affects the roaches is the boric acid. However, boric acid is completely safe for humans and pets – so even if you come in contact with it, you will be fine. Also there are no toxic fumes or inhalable powders involved here!

On the other hand, the tablets are 40% boric acid and 60% other ingredients in composition. The other ingredients are what attract the roaches. And once they get attracted to the pills, they consume some of them. This kills the roach. As a result, you get good results.

Each box will last a while

You only need about 3-4 in each room at a time – and that too in the rooms that have a real infestation – particularly the kitchen and the bathroom. And each of these 4 oz boxes contain on an average about 100 pills. So you can guess just how long each of these boxes will last you. Whenever you spy any of these offending pests just set out a few – and prepare to see dead roaches within a few hours! You can then sweep these away – and you’ll still have pills left over for next time.

And what’s more – you can use it for other pests and insects too – and considering that the boxes will last a while, you can use it for others.

And now let’s check out some of the…

Customer reviews

Most people left glowing reviews for this product because they were quite happy with the quality and the efficacy of it. We’ve brought you some of the facts here:

  • Since the roaches just nibble on these, each tablet itself lasts for a good many roaches. And since it is bait – it leads to roaches getting affected even back at the nest and soon the entire population dies.
  • The tablet form makes them super easy to use – another thing that most customers really appreciated.
  • You need to repeat a few times, but even for a reasonably sized apartment, in 2 months you will be able to tackle a full scale infestation!
There are of course may other reviews, and you can check them out for yourself. And once you do that, if this really seems like the best idea for you – go ahead and place your orders!

Harris Roach Tablets 4 oz

A natural roach killer is the best way to tackle an infestation. After all – you do not want an extermination to affect your health or put your pet or child’s health at risk. But with these tablets the risk is next to none. So pick these and try them out now!

How To Get Rid Of German Roaches: The Surest Way!

German roaches are quite common – almost as frequently spotted as any other roaches, if not more actually. And the problems associated with them are just the same. However, the thing to note is that German roaches usually multiply much faster than other roach species – and a single egg cluster making your way into your home can be the starting point for a major infestation within 6 months! So, let’s take a look at what can be done. Well, there are the usual things you can do which are the same for all roaches. But, besides that, here’s how to get rid of German roaches.

ProductProduct nameGel baitSyringe included Price
Invict Gold Cockroach German Roach Control Gel BaitYesYes$$
12 Dupont Advion Cockroach German Roach Pest Control Bait StationsNoNo$$
2 Tubes Maxforce FC Magnum Cockroach German Roach Pest Control Gel BaitYesYes$$

Before we get into these methods, you should however note that the German variety of roaches is a lot more resilient than the others and they are not easy to kill. Therefore, it isn’t advised that you use products that haven’t specially been formulated for and tested on them. Because you aren’t likely to get satisfactory results with them. But the good news is that today we are featuring all three products that are specially made for the German variety.

#1: Invict Gold Cockroach German Roach Control Gel Bait

 This one is a gel based product that comes in tubes. It also contains a syringe for easy application from the tubes. As you know with gel baits, they usually contain a slow toxin or poison that takes its time to kill the roaches that come in contact with it. And in turn, before one dies, it manages to infect all the other roaches it comes in contact with! And to that end, this one actually contains 11 different attractants. This means that however resilient or adaptive the roaches, they will still be attracted towards this bait.

Thereafter, these contain a very effective poison that can easily kill even the most bait resistant roaches. And the best part is that the poison actually draws the roaches out of their hiding places before killing them. This means that cleaning up after the extermination becomes simpler!

But before you actually order one of these, you should also check out the reviews:

  • According to most customers this actually works like magic – and in about 48 hours you’ll have literally hundreds of dead roaches!
  • The pack comes with comprehensive instructions to walk you through the entire procedure so you can manage the extermination all by yourself.
  • Finally, the stuff is made in such a way that using it is super simple!
And as for what experiences people had with this, you can go and check out the reviews for yourself. And once you do – you can then seriously consider buying these from Amazon. After all they are the most reliable!

Invict Gold Cockroach German Roach Control Gel Bait

Now to take a look at a set of bait stations…

#2: 12 Dupont Advion Cockroach German Roach Pest Control Bait Stations

These are a little different from the last product. That was a gel that you needed to use the syringe to apply along corners and under stuff around your house. But with this, the process is even simpler. These are bait stations that contain the bait inside, and they are designed in such a way that the roaches are automatically attracted to them!

Thereafter, as they consume the bait – the same action starts!

In this pack you will get 12 of these stations, and you can distribute them around your house as needed. However, depending on the severity of the infestation and the size of your house, you may not even need all of them. As for what reviewers have had to say about efficacy, we’ll check that out now:

  • Like all Advion products, this one also works wonders!
  • It is quick acting, so put these out and in about 24 hours you’ll have dead roaches all over the place!
  • Also, the bait is super attractive – and roaches of all sizes will be pulled to it.
As for the rest of the reviews, you can check them out for yourself before placing your orders. As for buying these, they are currently available for a discounted price on Amazon, so you might as well make the most of that!

12 Dupont Advion Cockroach German Roach Pest Control Bait Stations

And finally another gel product, though this one is a little less expensive than the first one…

#3: 2 Tubes Maxforce FC Magnum Cockroach German Roach Pest Control Gel Bait

 This is another gel bait product, like the first one. Similarly, it comes in tubes, along with syringe and plunger. You use the apparatus to apply little blobs along a line in areas where the roaches are frequently seen and likely to be. The roaches will then come in contact with the bait and even consume it – thereby starting the chain reaction. The best part about this bait is that this can actually be used both indoors and outdoors with excellent results!

Another plus point about this gel is that even when left outside and exposed to air, it retains its potency for up to a year. To you it may appear to be dried, but roaches will still eat it – and die. Another thing is that this bait is so potent that it can even kill roaches that just come in contact with it – so they don’t even need to eat it!

And now for a look at reviews left by customers:

  • You do save a lot of money even as you get an effective extermination!
  • It works pretty fast and can take care of any infestation in about 48 hours, though you must clean up the dead roaches afterwards.
  • This is the stuff that exterminators use – and most people found the same level of success using it on their own.
Again, there is a lot of useful information in the reviews that you could check out for yourself. And of course, these are the least expensive of the lot. And to get it – all you need to do is get to Amazon!

2 Tubes Maxforce FC Magnum Cockroach German Roach Pest Control Gel Bait

So there you have the answer to how to get rid of German roaches! But keep in mind, that not all roach products will actually be able to exterminate these resilient bugs. So take your pick from among the ones suggested here. And pretty soon, your home will be roach free!

3 Different But Equally Efficient Roach Bait Options!

Roach bait can be a very effective way to tackle full scale infestations. This is because they are usually designed with a lot of forethought and target the dominant tendencies of roaches, even the poison resistant strains. Roaches are cannibalistic, and feed on carcasses as well as fecal matter of other roaches. As a result, this is a great way of passing on slow acting toxins from one roach to many. As they go on through the residual hours or days of the life before the toxin actually kills them, they have already infected many other. And even after death this cycle of infection continues.

ProductProduct name TypeFor roach speciesPrice
Advion Cockroach Gel Bait, 4-syringesGelAll common species$$
Roach Control Advion Roach Bait StationsBait stationAll common species$$
12 Dupont Advion Cockroach German Roach Pest Control Bait StationsBait stationAll common species$$

Also, the baits are usually shrouded in matter that is highly attractive to roaches of all sorts – and once set out; the roaches will be drawn to the bait you have put out. And now that we have established the effectiveness of most good roach bait, it’s time to check out some of these good baits:

#1: Advion Cockroach Gel Bait, 4-syringes
 In this set you get 4 multi-use syringes filled with the roach bait gel. The gel attracts the roaches to come and eat it. And in turn, the potent slow acting toxin will spread through the roaches that come to meet almost all the others in the nest.

This gel formulation is actually quite revolutionary too. This is because it is actually known to target almost all species of roaches that are usually found in homes. And the best part is since you need a very little bit each time, each of these syringes is good for a very large area. Chances are with just the 4, you can cover your whole house, if not more. 

You need just about 1 to 3 drops to every 10 feet area, along a straight line. And the thing to note of course is that these are a current bestseller on Amazon! And so we’ll also take a quick look at the reviews now…

  • Normally you’d pay a hefty sum for the professional exterminators to come to your home and use this. But with this you can do it yourself at home – and for a fraction of the cost!
  • This really works and can deal with any roach infestation in about 1 week flat (less for some) – irrespective of the severity of the infestation.
  • Unlike with most products that need to be repeated a few times a year – used according to direction, this can leave your home roach free in a few weeks!
And that’s not all; there is a lot more information in the rest of the reviews. Do be sure to check those out! And once you do – place your orders right here!

Advion Cockroach Gel Bait, 4-syringes

So that was a gel… but now we’ll be taking a look at a bait station…

#2: Roach Control Advion Roach Bait Stations
Roach-Control-Advion-Roach-Bait-Stationsbttn  As the name suggests, these are like a small ‘arena’ with the bait accessible inside. There are a total 60 of these stations in each of these packages. You should set these out in strategic places – usually areas where the roaches come out or pass through in large numbers. When placed in these areas, they trap the roaches.

Also, the traps are pretty well designed, with the holes allowing for both small and large roaches to fall for the bait. The design is such that these can actually be used both indoors and outdoors!

To take full effect, this system takes a few weeks, but the results are pretty noticeable and long lasting! Let’s just check it out with some of the reviews, shall we...

  • Unlike other products, this has no obnoxious or strong smell that could affect your health. This one is actually pretty unobtrusive.
  • Also, it is super effective in killing off all those pestering roaches.
  • These are a highly economical option to get rid of all kinds of roaches!
There is also a lot of valuable information in the reviews – like what could improve the efficacy of the product, how best to use it, etc. – and for all that you’ll need to check out the reviews for yourself. Once you do decide on this – order soon so as to make the most of the current discounted price on Amazon!  

Roach Control Advion Roach Bait Stations

And finally our last product…

#3: 12 Dupont Advion Cockroach German Roach Pest Control Bait Stations
Dupont-Advion-Cockroach-German-Roach-Pest-Control bttn This is the least expensive of all the products featured today. But then that is not because of quality, but rather because of quantity. There is less in here – just about enough for a small apartment or a small sized infestation!

What you see here are actually 2 individual bait stations. Inside the plastic outer covering, there is the actual bait. The plastic covering acts as the station, and makes it easier to spread these around. Each of these packages that you can order will contain 12 of these bait stations. 

So far as efficacy is concerned, these work just as well as any of the other two – something we’ll confirm with the reviews:

  • These are a great option for those wanting to use the gel bait, but are scared of pets eating or licking it.
  • These are really effective and will get rid of any infestation pretty easily!
  • These are also quite easy on the pocket – something that is only an added advantage.
Click here to read through the complete reviews – and once you do, order these from Amazon for the best quality service.  

12 Dupont Advion Cockroach German Roach Pest Control Bait Stations

So now that you have these roach bait options at hand; take your pick and get using them. Don’t let that roach infestation get out of hand – tackle it today and do your health and hygiene a favor!

How To Get Rid Of Roaches: Surest Way To Kill Them!

Roaches can be a true infestation. Once they make an inroad into your home – you’ll scratch your head day and night trying to think of ways to get rid of them, but nothing helps! You can kill as many of them as you like – but they seem to multiply exponentially. And of course the health hazards that come with them are considerable! But when it comes to figuring out how to get rid of roaches, here are a few tried and tested strategies that are sure to work!

#1: Cut off water and food supply to them

Roaches can be very resilient, after all they are the oldest living species. They are said to be able to survive up to a month without any food! But, however resilient they may be, they still need water. When roaches migrate to your house, it is most commonly because they have found themselves a regular and steady supply of both water and food. So the first step to take is to make both unavailable to the little bugs. To manage that, here are a few steps you can take:

  • If you know that there is water buildup in any place that they can reach, make sure to get rid of these.
  • In case there are any leaks in your house, however small, they can be found by the roaches. So make sure you identify all leaks and seal them up. When the water source is cut off, they’ll be much more likely to eat baits in the form of gels that you leave out for them.
  • Make sure no food is accessible to them. Keep all food containers sealed at all times.
  • Never leave any food out in the open – they can reach it.
  • Always make sure you clean up after every meal – otherwise the crumbs will attract the roaches.
  • Also, never leave dirty dishes to be done in the sink. After you finish with them, rinse and immediately place inside the dishwasher.
After you have cut off their means of sustenance, you can then start considering ways to kill them off, and we’re dealing with those now…

#2: Baits

Baits are a good way to kill roaches because these are slow acting and are designed in such a way that the roaches actually help you! They are usually in the form of food or gel that seems attractive to the roaches. And they contain a slow acting poison. As the roaches eat this food, they also carry it back to their nest because it is too early for them to realize that it is poison. Once at the nest, it actually helps to kill most of the other roaches as well. Now here are a few things about roach bait to keep in mind:

  • You should always leave the bait as close to the suspected roach nest as possible. That way more roaches will find it.
  • When using bait, you need to use it successively for a few weeks. This is because each wave kills of a new generation, but the laid eggs will hatch and new roaches will be born. So you need to be able to catch them young, and keep killing them till there are no viable larvae left.
  • Baits can usually be found ready made – and they are all designed to act in just this way, unless mentioned otherwise.
  • And roach baits are usually also harmful for humans and pets – so be sure to keep them away from children and pets.
Another thing to try out is…

#3: Extermination

Extermination is another name for using quick acting poisons. These can help you to quickly kill the roaches that are visible to you. For this you can use what are commonly marketed as roach killers . For the safety of your house, choose a natural one though. Other things you can try are various insecticides and sprays that kill the roaches in due course. However, here too, you should keep the following in mind:

  • When spraying insecticides, make sure you keep pets and children away as these are very harmful.
  • Once the roaches are dead make sure you throw them outside the house immediately, and preferably make sure they are dead. In case of certain insecticides, the roaches can actually recover!
  • Never spray over the bait, if you are using one. It’ll make the bait ineffective as the roaches will refuse to come near it.
  • Go for concentrated pesticides, or industrial grade ones for the best effect.
  • Once you have finished extermination, ensure that you thoroughly clean up every part of your home where you sprayed the solution – because otherwise it can actually cause harm to your children, pets or even you.
Finally, there is one other thing that you can try…

#4: Traps

Traps can also be used to lure out the roaches from their hiding places. You can have varying levels of success with traps though, as there is no poison involved. However, depending on what you use as part of the trap, these can actually be used to kill adult roaches, though not those within eggs. Here are a few ideas:

  • You do get commercially available roach traps that make use of bait. Around the bait is an adhesive area and this traps the roaches as they try to reach the bait.
  • You can also create your own soda bottle traps using empty bottles and soap water inside. Create a funnel by cutting off the top fifth of the bottle (the part that curves). Now turn it over to form a funnel and place on top of the bottle filled with soap water. The roaches will climb down the funnel and drown in the soap.
  • Water jars are another thing to try. Here you place a jar near a wall in such a way that the roach can be lured in but they cannot get out. Water or any food can be used as bait.
But merely using ways to kill the roaches or get rid of them isn’t enough. You need to also work to…

#5: Prevent a re-infestation

Just because you exterminated them once doesn’t mean that a roach infestation cannot occur again. In fact, you need to take very specific steps to prevent one. And here are a few things to do:

  • Make sure there are no cracks or crevices through which the roaches can make an inroad into your home. Seal off all cracks.
  • Roaches love wood piles, or leaf piles, etc. they usually build nests under them, and then as the weather gets cold, they migrate into your home. So first thing you should do is keep the wood pile as far away from your home as possible.
  • Caulking any opening through which roaches can enter is another must.
  • Also you could set up simple and long lasting traps at all points from where the roaches can infest your home. That way the infestation can get nipped in the bud next time.
  • Since bathrooms and kitchens are favorite places with roaches, for obvious reasons, ensure that you are taking every care to kill even a single roach before the situation gets out of hand.
Roach infestation, as we have mentioned earlier, can be extremely difficult to deal with. And likewise, we’ll not tell you that it’s going to be a walk in the park – even with these means. But yes, you should be able to successfully get rid of roaches once and for all if you do make use of these methods properly!

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