Bed Bug Monitor Trap And Best Way To Use Them

Ever heard of the woman from Michigan who inadvertently started a fire destroying a 48-unit apartment apparently to get rid of bed bugs? Apparently, she was told to “heat up” her apartment to get rid of the pesky bugs. When it comes to parasites, bed bugs can truly torment inhabitants. Nights will be spent helplessly scratching those itchy welts. The horrible thing about bed bugs is that it gorges on your blood leaving you weak—and this is where the ClimbUp bed bug monitor trap comes in.

Meet the Bed Bug ClimbUp Interceptors (pack of 12) passive traps for bed legs

The ClimbUp insect interceptor is a homeowner’s best ally in monitoring and trapping bed bugs without the danger of using pesticide. At the first sign of infestation, it can effortlessly trap bed bugs from the outside or other parts of your home from crawling onto your bed, chair, sofa, and other areas where you usually sit, lie down or rest.

This bed bug monitor trap works in two ways. One, it can trap them from coming to your bed and other furniture. Second, it prevents them from crawling up beds and furniture legs. In a nutshell, it ensures that what gets in will be trapped to die and cannot get out alive. To you, that would be goodbye to sleepless and itchy nights.

The ClimbUp insect interceptor boasts of being an eco-friendly tool as it holds zero pesticide to trap bugs and insects. Sold in budget-friendly packs of 12 fitting posts with a diameter of 3.75 or less, this pest professionals’ favorite detection device is simply coated with a thin-layered talcum powder. This thin layer of talc serves as a slippery trap that prevents bed bugs from getting out and going further once they are in the cup. Bed bugs coming from the wall and floor will fall into the outer well while those coming from the infested bed or furniture will fall into the inner well—with no chance of getting out.

The ClimbUp bed bug monitor trap is a favorite of house or apartment tenants. These seemingly simple two-welled cups can serve as evidence, that indeed, your unit is infested, legally forcing your landlord to act.

The ClimbUp insect interceptor is a common favorite among pest control professionals. Affordable and eco-friendly, these are also easy to use. No wonder reviews of the product strongly states that:

  • It definitely works as expected
  • The best way to tell if there is infestation and how bad it is
  • An absolute necessity to fight bed bugs

You can check out the reviews further in Amazon though—and if you are satisfied, it is highly recommended to buy the ClimbUp insect interceptor in pack of 12s to ensure that you got all your furniture covered. Order now and enjoy huge discounts.

Best Way to Use the ClimbUp

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The ClimbUp bed bug monitor trap, though proven effective, can actually work to their full potential. Here is the best way to use them:

  1. Keep the bed frame away from the wall.
  2. Prevent all bed items such as bed linens, comforters, pillows, throw pillows, blankets, and quilts as well as clothes from getting into contact with the wall or the floor.
  3. Encase the bed and other furniture with simple sheet of plastic. Drape this on the whole bed or furniture.
  4. Some pest control experts recommend application of Steri-Fab to the furniture frame and mattress before encasing them with a plastic sheet. With the ClimbUp intercepting and trapping the pesky insects below, your whole bed will become a huge bedbug trap leaving you sleeping soundly—no bite and scratching at all.
  5. Do re-apply with talcum powder via cotton ball to maintain its efficiency.


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Without a doubt, a home with no signs of bed bug infestation is one happy home. Sleeping well through the night with nary a sign of worry helps alleviate usual stressors of the day leading to a healthier and happier life. When these pesky bugs get into your abode, the ClimbUp bed bug monitor trap will be your best ally in combating them sans the health risks that pesticide brings. So, at the first sign of infestation or even when you simply hear that a next-door neighbor has it, bug-proof your home by buying this 12-pack ClimbUp bed bug monitor trap. Prevention, they say, is always better than cure. Buy now—huge discounts await you at Amazon!

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