A Natural Roach Killer That Really Works Wonders!

Roaches spread germs and diseases. And that is not counting how disgusting they look. And of course, some people (especially children) will jump at the mere sight of them – leaving you to take care of them. And while they are unhygienic and one of the leading causes for spread of germs and diseases from the kitchen – they are extremely difficult to get rid of! A full blown roach infestation is almost impossible to tackle without the use of some bait or killer of some sort. And today we are talking about the best natural roach killer you can get.

Harris Roach Tablets 4 oz

Now we’ve established that a roach killer of some sort is essential. But just because you need a roach killer does not mean that it needs to be a synthetic and toxic one. After all, in getting rid of one evil, you don’t want to expose yourself and your family to another even bigger hazard  – unhealthy toxins!

So instead go for this organic and natural option that is safe for you and unsafe for the bugs!

Safe for you, unsafe for roaches

The ingredient in these that actually affects the roaches is the boric acid. However, boric acid is completely safe for humans and pets – so even if you come in contact with it, you will be fine. Also there are no toxic fumes or inhalable powders involved here!

On the other hand, the tablets are 40% boric acid and 60% other ingredients in composition. The other ingredients are what attract the roaches. And once they get attracted to the pills, they consume some of them. This kills the roach. As a result, you get good results.

Each box will last a while

You only need about 3-4 in each room at a time – and that too in the rooms that have a real infestation – particularly the kitchen and the bathroom. And each of these 4 oz boxes contain on an average about 100 pills. So you can guess just how long each of these boxes will last you. Whenever you spy any of these offending pests just set out a few – and prepare to see dead roaches within a few hours! You can then sweep these away – and you’ll still have pills left over for next time.

And what’s more – you can use it for other pests and insects too – and considering that the boxes will last a while, you can use it for others.

And now let’s check out some of the…

Customer reviews

Most people left glowing reviews for this product because they were quite happy with the quality and the efficacy of it. We’ve brought you some of the facts here:

  • Since the roaches just nibble on these, each tablet itself lasts for a good many roaches. And since it is bait – it leads to roaches getting affected even back at the nest and soon the entire population dies.
  • The tablet form makes them super easy to use – another thing that most customers really appreciated.
  • You need to repeat a few times, but even for a reasonably sized apartment, in 2 months you will be able to tackle a full scale infestation!
There are of course may other reviews, and you can check them out for yourself. And once you do that, if this really seems like the best idea for you – go ahead and place your orders!

Harris Roach Tablets 4 oz

A natural roach killer is the best way to tackle an infestation. After all – you do not want an extermination to affect your health or put your pet or child’s health at risk. But with these tablets the risk is next to none. So pick these and try them out now!

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Harris Roach Tablets 4 oz
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