2 Top Mosquito Magnet Attractants: Take your pick

Do you know that mosquitoes kill more humans than murderers, reptiles, dogs, sharks, and other predators do? Small but terrible, mosquitoes carry and transmit diseases on people they bite. From deadly malaria to dengue fever, yellow fever, encephalitis, West Nile virus, heartworm, and Chikungunya, mosquitoes carry with them a host of diseases that can be either debilitating or fatal. This is why Mosquito Magnet is an essential for every home.

A popular brand in exterminating mosquitoes safely for families, it is designed to capture and kill these pesky and harmful pets by mimicking how human breath. By “exhaling” propane-converted CO2 to the environment, mosquitoes will be attracted to the smell and get sucked into its plume or opening. It will then be lodged inside the net with no chance of escaping and gradually dies after 24 hours. To improve its catch rate, however, the use of an attractant is strongly recommended.

For convenience’s sake, here are two best types of Mosquito Magnet attractants for you to choose from.

ProductVisualHighlights Where to Buy
3-Pack OCTENOL3 Mosquito Magnet AttractantOCTENOL3-Mosquito-Magnet-Attractant• suited for Northern US regions and coastal areas, including Canada and Alaska
• traps and kills salt marsh mosquitoes, midges, sand gnats, punkies, black flies, and many more.
• EPA registered
• works with all types of Mosquito Magnet model
Mosquito Magnet Lurex3Mosquito-Magnet-Lurex3• suited for Southern US regions including Hawaii
• traps and kills midges, sand gnats, punkies, black flies
• lures, traps, and kills day-biters like Asian Tiger mosquitoes and other species transmitting deadly diseases
• EPA registered
• works with all types of Mosquito Magnet model

This is just a summary of what each attractant brings.

Attractants are used by Mosquito Magnet users to increase catch rate of up to 10 ten times or more. Mosquitoes may be lured by the carbon dioxide from converted propane gas but to ensure that they easily and quickly fall into the trap, attractants are then used. Here’s a quick look on each mosquito attractant starting with..

3-Pack OCTENOL3 Mosquito Magnet Attractant

If you are from the northern region and coastlines of the US and Canada, the EPA-registered Mosquito Magnet Octenol attractant comes highly recommended. Octenol mimics human breath and helps improve catch rate up to 10 folds by luring these pesky insects into the plume. From salt marsh mosquitoes to midges, sand gnats, punkies, black flies, and many more, Octenol draws in these insects, trap and dehydrates them to die.

Proven effective, many reviews from households talk about the efficacy of the Octenol in ensuring that their backyards and surroundings are protected from disease-causing bugs and insects. To ensure that your family is protected all the time, have this set of 3 attractant handy with your Mosquito Magnet device by buying from Amazon. This attractant works with all model types.

Recently, the Asian Tiger mosquito species have been spotted in the Northern regions. If Octenol does not work, here is another option to lure them in.

Mosquito Magnet Lurex3


Highly recommended in the Southern regions of the US including Hawaii, this EPA registered, patent-pending attractant turns a Mosquito Magnet into a more robust killing device. Lurex 3 is known to attract the day-biting Asian Tiger mosquito, midges, sand gnats, punkies, black flies, and other mosquito species that transmit deadly diseases like encephalitis, West Nile virus, and heartworm.

Mimicking skin cents and odor of humans, this attractant lures mosquitoes into the device and increases the catch rate by 10 folds. This 3-pack cartridge has been earning rave reviews from actual satisfied users. Safe and effective, it is known to protect families, particularly unsuspecting kids from harm. Make your home and surroundings safe from deadly mosquito bites by using this attractant to your Mosquito Magnet device. Lurex 3 is known to work with all model types.

The Verdict


Octenol and Lurex 3 are both strongly recommended attractants for all types/models of the Mosquito Magnet device. For the Northern US regions, including Canada, Alaska and other coastal areas in the Southern area, Octenol is known to be an effective ally in attracting mosquitoes and killing them effectively.

For Southern regions including Hawaii where day-biters like the Asian Tiger mosquito thrives, the use of Lurex3 is recommended by Mosquito Magnet makers. Designed to mimic scent and odor of human skin and breathing, this one can also lure mosquito species known to transmit deadly diseases like encephalitis, heartworm, West Nile virus, and many more.

When buying, choose carefully according to your region. Do make sure to replace every 21 days to ensure effectiveness. With the 3-pack Octenol and 3-cartridge Lurex3, you can finally safeguard your family from life threatening diseases and enjoy your backyard and lawn more than ever. So, make sure to buy the right one from Amazon now!

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